Services & Policies

We accept payments with cash or card.

Services can be booked online, please call or text if you have questions. Appointments are booked first come first serve. To remain on the schedule for a specific spot, please request a recurring appointment.

 All styles include a shampoo service. EXCEPTION: Add-ons services do not include shampoo, unless otherwise specified.

Click “Schedule Now” button to see prices and service info.

NO EXTENSION STYLES FOR KIDS UNDER 8 YRS OLD. For kids under 15 years old, the rate is $35/hr. Send us a text if you would like an estimate before coming to the salon.

NO REFUNDS ON EXTENSION STYLES. if you are unsure if the service you requested includes added hair, please contact us to clarify before booking your appointment. Adding hair adds time to our schedule.

Extension hair for braiding is available at the salon for purchase in colors 1-4. Feel free to bring hair if you would like special colors. Must bring hair for Sew-in and Crochet Braids.

Appointments fill quickly.

See examples of our work on Instagram or style ideas on Pinterest.