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This part of our salon is dedicated to sew-in extensions and more. These luxury service options strive to bring the same quality and professionalism that is expected from the healthy hair philosophy of Curl Suite Salon. Simple, Reliable, Affordable.


  • Sew-ins allow you to experiment without commitment

  • You can drastically change your look with many styles and/or colors to choose from

  • We offer efficient service and a high quality install

  • Sew-ins can serve as a protective style 

    Leave out, Closure, Frontal

  • Leave out - your own hair left out to cover and blend into tracks.

  • Closure- has hair knotted onto a piece of lace to mimic your scalp while hair is entirely cornrowed.

  • Frontal- are made like closures, however, goes from ear to ear for a new hairline and free parting.


  • Wear silk bonnet or scarf nightly

  • Braid or twist the extensions to prevent breakage while asleep

  • If you want to shampoo, rub carefully around the scalp to not interfere with stitching or loosening the cornrows, be careful of the tension at the scalp until fully dried. Remember we offer Sew-In Shampoo and Style at the salon!

Please fill out the consultation sheet before you book your appointment. Services will be confirmed after consultation sheet is submitted.