Natual Fragrance Line - Common Scents by Charlotte Holland

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This is the back story on Common Scents by Charlotte, a natural fragrance line.

“Back in 2017, I was injured at work and consequently,  off work for 6 months.  

I was bored out of my mind,  needless to say.  I've always loved creating personal scent sprays and oil rollers for myself along with a few household cleaning products, using essential oils and have always believed that they can play an integral part of mental and physical wellness through aromatherapy.   I set out to make something for myself that was uplifting, calming,  etc.

I was at dinner with a friend and she asked what I was wearing and when I told her I'd made it,  she said "you should sell that!!".

It took a another week or so for the light bulb to come on.  

I'd been creating these few scents for myself but now,  thanks to my friend,  thought other people could benefit from them OR just like the scent itself. 

I decided on the name Common Scents by Charlotte  because we all know,  Common sense ain't

I'm a flight attendant and a 53 year old single black female with time on my hands.

So here I am. I'm going to make an honest go of this business knowing that people/ women love handmade,  made to order natural products.  For now,  I'm sticking to the Rollerball and spray Scents but I'll see what the future holds. “

We love Charlotte’s work and her products.

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